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Name: Timothy Jackson Drake
Notable Aliases: Alvin Draper, Tim Fisher, DRAAAAAAAAAKE, Technobrat,
Age: 14-17 (it depends on the meme/scenario)
Universe: Uncharted (post U3)
Fluent In: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Latin

AU In a Nutshell: Canon Tim was born to Jack & Janet Drake. This Tim? Was born to Nathan and Elena Drake after the events of Uncharted 3. Somehow, despite the drastic change in his parentage, Tim still ended up as Robin III. When Bruce passed away and Dick decided to make Damian the next Robin, Tim seized the opportunity to look for Bruce as Red Robin - but somehow ended up becoming part of something greater when he wasn't looking.

# Now the baby of his family; he has an older brother, Russell Christopher who is eight years older than him, and an older sister, Victoria Renee Fisher ([personal profile] regrownroots) who is four years older. Tim doesn't mind being the baby, but it does mean he's spoiled in comparison to his siblings.

# Heavily, heavily admires Russ and wishes he could be more like him. He respects Tori, but finds her exasperating sometimes because she's just as stubborn as he is.

# Most of his canon exploits as Robin & Red Robin have remained the same; Tim was a huge Batman fan as a kid (despite his parents' misgivings about the topic) and managed to put two and two together about Dick's secret identity when he was nine years old.

# Tim's served as Robin since he was 13 years old; Bruce was impressed with Tim's prior training (read: experience with climbing and his remarkable knowledge about weaponry thanks to family vacations).

# Tim hasn't told his friends/the Teen Titans about Nate's past. He's so desperate to keep Tim Drake's and Robin's lives separate that he's actually wiped every trace of Nate's criminal past clean (on Batman's and Oracle's databases, anyhow). While records still remain, Tim distanced Nate Drake the treasure hunter from Nate Drake, Tim's dad, and remains firm that those two are not the same person.

# The jury's still out on whether Dick knows, but Bruce more than certainly knows, and it's been the cause of the occasional scuffle here and there.

# Nate and Elena know about his hero work, and openly support him (though Nate's given Bruce the stink eye often). Russell thinks Tim's crazy but rolls with it; Tim's not sure how Tori feels, and he honestly hasn't told Chloe & Jada about it yet.

# His main rationalization for the secrecy? While he's more than accepting of his dad's past, Tim realizes that Nate's abilities would draw suspicions on Tim's abilities as Red Robin.

# He can lie without thinking about it as a result. Tim's so used to white lies that he sometimes finds it hard to tell the difference between the truth and falsehoods.

# So he was much more sympathetic to both Steph and Cass in his world, if that's even possible. He knows what it's like to have parents with shady pasts, even if his dad atoned for it, and he gets Steph better than he did in canon (to a certain extent).

# Tim's way too knowledgeable about guns for his own good. Not only can he identify the kind of gun it is from a distance, but he also knows how to shoot with one. If given the opportunity, he's also proven to be an expert marksman. (He DOES hesitate when his targets are people.) He prefers a bo staff & a kevlar vest, but he'll use guns if given the opportunity.

# Most definitely a nerd. His parents encouraged his hobbies, even if they weren't around too often when he got older, so he still plays WoW and video games whenever he gets the chance. If he's not around a computer, he's downloaded games on his phone and iPad, so he'll sneak attempts to master a new level or unlock a sidequest in-between bouts. (Right now, he's addicted to Angry Birds & Draw Something, but he's also gotten suckered into Bejeweled.)

# Like his dad, Tim's skilled at puzzle-solving and investigations. Unlike his dad, Tim's much more rational and doesn't lose his cool nearly as easily as his dad would in similar situations.

# Although Tim doesn't quite get the obsession with Sir Francis Drake, he tries for his father's sake.

# Unfortunately for Nate, Tim is very much a momma's boy and thinks the world of Elena. He's served as Elena's cameraman on several family vacations (as well as on those trips where normal cameramen wouldn't make it out alive) and her proofreader whenever she needs it.

# Chloe Frazer & Charlie Cutter are his godparents. He thinks Chloe is fantastic but he also doesn't spend a lot of time with her, and Charlie passed away when Tim was four years old. Chloe's business interferes with his superhero business, so he doesn't exactly see eye to eye with her.

# Sully is Tim's grandpa and called as such; he respects Sully a lot and wouldn't hesitate to obey his orders. Jada is his pseudo-aunt and he doesn't hesitate to put his life on the line for her.


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